CodeTube is a search engine for development video tutorials that allows a user to retrieve cohesive and self-contained fragments extracted from entire video tutorials. CodeTube employs several techniques from information retrieval, parsing, and image analysis to extract fragments in a video, index them, and allows a user to retrieve them by explicitly querying the contents.


StORMeD is a parsing service that models the heterogenous contents technical artifacts. StORMeD builds a Heterogeneous Abstract Syntax Tree (H-AST) representation of the contents that allows to navigate XML, JSON, stack traces, and Java code together with natural language. As a proof of concept, a dataset containing all the StackOverflow discussions tagged with the <java> tag is available for download, together with a development kit to perform custom analysis.


Libra is a recommender system aimed at supporting developers while navigating the information provided by a search on Google. Libra builds recommendations by reconstructing a contextual graph derived from the source code in the IDE, and the web pages perused in the web browser. Libra analyzes how search results are prominent or complementary with respect to the developer's context.


Prompter is an Eclipse plug-in implementing a novel approach that, given a context in the IDE, automatically retrieves pertinent discussions from Stack Overflow, evaluates their relevance, and, if a given confidence threshold is surpassed, notifies developers about the available help.


Seahawk is an Eclipse plugin to integrate the Stack Overflow crowd knowledge within the IDE. It allows developers to seamlessly access Stack Overflow data, thus obtaining answers without switching the context. It allows users to retrieve Q&A from Stack Overflow, link relevant discussions to any source code in Eclipse, and attach explanative comments to the links.


Fanta7 is a simple fantasy football manager for Window Phone 7 that allows you to create your own team, define a lineup and calulate the results for a match day in the italian football championship. Fanta7 manages some basic bonuses and maluses such as yellow cards, red cards, last passes as well as some other additional ones.